10 for 10 in DCS Migrations

CSA is batting 10 for 10. We’ve successfully completed our tenth DCS migration project in the last ten years, and once again the customer is very pleased with the results.

Pilot Chemical Company hired CSA to migrate two of their primary continuous sulfonation units from PLC to DCS (DeltaV).

“We chose them in part because their proposal was so comprehensive and detailed,” says Mike Bizzarro, Plant Manager of Pilot’s Middletown facility. “They had clearly put a lot of time and thought into planning a trouble-free migration.”

All that thought and planning paid off. “They had all the capabilities they promised,” says Bizzarro, “and the people they brought in showed real buy-in to the overall success of the project. The migration went smoothly.”

CSA plans seamless DCS migrations with low- or no-downtime. Ten happy customers so far. Let’s get started on number eleven.