BASF: Automated Quality Prediction with Near-Infrared Analyzers

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BASF reached out to us to develop a Process Analytical Chemistry (PAC), custom software that automates testing critical process parameters with near-infrared (NIR) analyzers. BASF liked the results so well that we recently installed the custom application in their sixth North American facility.

For most specialty chemical producers, quality testing is a laborious process. Lab personnel take samples from production runs, bring them back to the lab, manually analyze the samples, then report the results to operations. The testing is time-consuming, delaying any needed adjustments to the production process.

NIR spectrometry penetrates deeply into samples, eliminating the need for manual preparation. Our custom NIR software application collects the NIR data, prepares it for analysis, then passes it off to BASF’s proprietary calculations. Those calculations happen in a black box, never exposed to the automation software. The software application then receives the analysis and automatically reports it to operations. The quick turnaround and continuous results allow for real-time adjustments to the process. The end result: higher throughput and better quality control.