BASF: Defoamer Production Plant

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In order to meet a high sales forecast, BASF needed a new 24-million pound-per-year defoamer production facility in North Carolina… and they needed it up and running in less than 10 months. So they called in CSA to get the job done right and on time.

We developed all specifications for DCS hardware and software, and the functional specifications for batch and continuous controls strategies. We reviewed all electrical and instrument equipment specifications and managed all electrical construction. And we reviewed all design specifications from the third-party engineering firm.

We configured the DeltaV control system as well as all conventional I/O, Foundation Fieldbus, ASi, and Profibus. And we developed a custom operator display.

We handled all operator DCS training and provided onsite startup services.

The facility was operational on schedule and allowed BASF to meet the demand its robust sales effort had created.

Services Provided:

  • Specification of all DCS hardware and software
  • Review of all instrument and electrical equipment specifications.
  • Review of all design documentation from third-party engineering firm
  • Provide functional specification for batch and continuous control strategies
  • Continuous and batch configuration of DeltaV system
  • Operator display development
  • Conventional I/O, Foundation Fieldbus, ASi, Profibus
  • Electrical construction management
  • Operator DCS training
  • Onsite startup services
  • Control system: Emerson DeltaV