BASF: DSX Polyurethane Plant

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BASF needed a North Carolina plant to produce DSX® 1514/1550 polyurethane. The process is complex, requiring advanced automation procedures, so they called in CSA.

To produce DSX® polyurethane, which gives latex better hiding power in brush applications, a pre-polymer is made from isocyanate and ethoxylated nonylphenol in toluene. The pre-polymer is then reacted with polyethylene glycol to cap the molecule. Excess solvent is stripped off and the product is passed thru a finishing process. The process is a two-procedure batch process utilizing four units to complete the reaction and finishing.

We wrote the specification of all DCS hardware and software, reviewed all instrument and electrical equipment specifications, and reviewed all design documentation from the third-party engineering firm. We also provided the functional specification for batch and continuous control strategies.

We then configured the Emerson DeltaV system and developed the operator display. We also provided operator DCS training and supported the on-site startup.

The facility start-up went smoothly, and BASF got to work supplying the demand for DSX® 1514/1550.

Services Provided:

  • Specification of all DCS hardware and software
  • Review of all instrument and electrical equipment specifications.
  • Review of all design documentation from third-party engineering firm
  • Provide functional specification for batch and continuous control strategies
  • Continuous and batch configuration of DeltaV system
  • Operator display development
  • Conventional I/O, Foundation Fieldbus, ASi, Profibus
  • Electrical construction management
  • Operator DCS Training
  • On-site startup services
  • Control system: Emerson DeltaV