BASF: Ester Blending


BASF calculated that they could save over $1.8 million per year by performing all lubricant blending operations in-house at their Ohio plant. They called on CSA to help them realize this savings.

We wrote the functional requirements specification (FRS) for the batch and pigging system, and we were the project manager for design and installation of all instrumentation and electrical equipment.

We installed a new automated pigging system and equipment along with new DeltaV DCS I/O to minimize contamination between products and to automate the lubricant recipe production. We automated transfer of the various blends to truck load-out, rail car load-out, and long-term storage tanks. And we integrated the pigging system with the blending batch operation.

To automate this intensive, recipe-drive process, we used S88 control & equipment modules, phases, operations, and unit procedures.

BASF was very pleased with our custom configuration and even more pleased with the annual savings.

Services Provided:

  • Project management for all design and installation of all instrumentation and electrical equipment
  • FRS of the batch and pigging system
  • Continuous and batch configuration of DeltaV system
  • Operator display development
  • Conventional I/O, Foundation Fieldbus, Ethernet I/O
  • Electrical construction management
  • On-site startup services
  • Control System: Emerson DeltaV