Baxter Healthcare: A Tale of Two DeltaV Migrations

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Baxter Healthcare had two plants with control systems running versions of DeltaV that were very outdated. One plant was running version 7.3 and the other 8.3. Baxter wanted them both upgraded to version 11.3. However, direct migration to 11.3 was not supported for either of the outdated versions, so they called in CSA to find a way.

Because direct migration to the current version of DeltaV was not allowed, we decided to use virtualization (virtual computers) to migrate the system in steps along approved vendor migration paths.

First, we wrote a detailed migration procedure and reviewed it with Baxter’s quality department, making sure we were prepared to deliver a seamless migration.

We then deployed a test system onsite, using newer system computers that were DeltaV 11.3 compatible. We also created 150 qualification protocols to ensure that existing control modules would migrate successfully.

Using virtualization, we took the 8.3 system to 8.4.2 to 10.3 and from there to version 11.3. And we took the 7.3 system to 7.4.1 to 7.4.2 to 9.3 and then to version 11.3. We also used virtualization to migrate DeltaV server machines to include the ProPlus, Batch Executive, Batch Historian, and PI Legacy Historian (App Station).

We then imported the migrated code into the new test systems and tested them extensively. When the new systems were fully operational, the test systems took over as the new production systems, and we retired the old systems.

Our virtualization method was a great success, and the migrations went very smoothly. Baxter was delighted.

Services Provided:

  • Developed detailed written migration procedure which was reviewed and approved by the site quality department
  • Provided DeltaV Hardware for version 11.3. All of the control system computers were replaced with newer models.
  • Deployed test system into production area. Old system was retired and test system became production system.
  • Executed migration procedure with customer representatives from automation and quality as witnesses and sign-off
  • Setup test DeltaV system onsite at version 11.3
  • Imported migrated code to new system and provided qualification support during qualification period
  • Created 150 qualification protocols to ensure control modules migrated successfully to 11.3 with no issues
  • Control System: DeltaV