CSA’s Recent News

CSA Acquired by Cincinnati Based Automation Plus

After 18 years of supporting our clients’ needs and being an integral part of their automation success stories, CSA is very excited to turn the page to a new chapter and future. On September 13, 2018, Complete Systems Automation (CSA) was acquired by Automation Plus, a Plus Group Company, headquartered in Cincinnati, OH.

Automation Plus provides full service system integration, information, and automation solutions; with a focus on the Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Consumer Products, and Food & Beverage industries. Their internationally recognized team has executed projects across the globe, spanning the entire manufacturing facility.

Process Plus and Design Build Plus comprise the remainder of the Plus group and provide full service engineering, architecture and construction services under one roof. You can view their website here. These new capabilities allow us to offer to our customers a single source company which can turn-key their facilities entire needs to include construction management, engineering, and large scale automation.

“We are genuinely excited to be part of the Plus Group and to be embarking on this new venture. We are confident that this acquisition will prove successful and that our existing clients will be equally pleased with the increased depth and service offerings.” Doug Bourgeois, previous President and Owner, Complete Systems Automation.

Pictured below from left to right: Grant Mitchell, John Glenski, Mike Leeper, Matt Cifreo, Armando Iduate and Doug Bourgeois.

Automation Plus Acquires CSA

10 for 10 in DCS Migrations

CSA is batting 10 for 10. We’ve successfully completed our tenth DCS migration project in the last ten years, and once again the customer is very pleased with the results.

Pilot Chemical Company hired CSA to migrate two of their primary continuous sulfonation units from PLC to DCS (DeltaV).

“We chose them in part because their proposal was so comprehensive and detailed,” says Mike Bizzarro, Plant Manager of Pilot’s Middletown facility. “They had clearly put a lot of time and thought into planning a trouble-free migration.”

All that thought and planning paid off. “They had all the capabilities they promised,” says Bizzarro, “and the people they brought in showed real buy-in to the overall success of the project. The migration went smoothly.”

CSA plans seamless DCS migrations with low- or no-downtime. Ten happy customers so far. Let’s get started on number eleven.

CSA Installs Near-Infrared Analyzer Automation in 6th BASF Site

CSA assisting BASF’s Dr. Richard Crews has recently installed a Near Infrared (NIR) software application in BASF’s Geismar, Louisiana facility. This marks the sixth successful installation of a process analytical chemistry (PAC) software application that CSA developed in partnership with BASF.

BASF’s NIR PAC application utilizes analytical chemistry with specialized techniques, algorithms, and sampling equipment for solving problems related to their chemical processes by the testing of critical process parameters with near-infrared (NIR) analyzers. The application’s quick turnaround and continuous results empower BASF to make real-time adjustments to processes. The end result: higher throughput and better quality control.


CSA Earns Gold Level Certification for Inductive Automation’s Ignition Platform

CSA is proud to announce we achieved Gold Level Certification as system integrators for Inductive Automation’s Ignition, a streamlined and highly configurable HMI SCADA platform.

Inductive Automation’s certification program identifies and supports the very best system integrators, ensuring clients get the advanced custom features they need from this powerful platform. We’re honored to have received this distinction. We look forward to continuing our work installing, configuring, and migrating to Ignition for our clients.

CSA Announces Strategic Partnership with NexDefense

CSA is proud to announce its strategic partnership with NexDefense, an elite firm of cybersecurity engineers who specialize in automation control security and process integrity. Atlanta-based NexDefense protects critical infrastructure and defense facilities with Integrity, an Industrial Network Anomaly Detection (INAD) product suite that the company developed with funding from the U.S. Department of Energy.

Matt Morris, NexDefense’s VP for Product & Strategy, says, “Because CSA does so much industrial control system software development for older vintage and newer state-of-the-art control systems, when they bring us in on cybersecurity, they’ll point out to us areas of legacy software that need our attention. They’ve seen it all, and they recognize when a previous contractor has patched something with a temporary fix that might cause problems later on. They’re as obsessive as we are about production, security, and safety, so they partner with NexDefense to makes sure it gets fixed right.”

“We trust NexDefense with our clients’ process integrity and cybersecurity,” says Doug Bourgeois, President of CSA. “I like that it’s not just about threat protection for them, though they do that really well. They’re good partners to us in developing systems with resilience, so our clients’ facilities stay online and operating efficiently.”

With a shared commitment to excellence, CSA and NexDefense look forward to offering clients custom solutions to keep their facilities protected and productive.

Oyster Roast and Crawfish Derby Raise Money for Friends of Disabled Adults and Children

For the second year in a row, CSA supported Friends of Disabled Adults and Children (FODAC) in its mission to provide wheelchairs, hospital beds, and other durable medical equipment to people with disabilities.

CSA is a sponsor and participant in the annual Oyster Roast and annual Crawfish Derby, both fundraisers held at the Briarcliff Woods Beach Club in Decatur, GA. CSA President Doug Bourgeois volunteers as an authentic Cajun chef along with Georgia Smoke head pitmaster John R. Lenz for the events.

This year, the events raised over $8,000 for FODAC.

If you’d like to help FODAC help people with disabilities, please consider donating or volunteering.