City of West Palm Beach, Florida: Automating Water Flow and Dosing Control

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The City of West Palm Beach’s Water Treatment Plant still relied on manual operations to control chemical dosing and pumping. We teamed up with Innovative Control, Inc. to completely redesign the plant’s control system for advanced, automated control.

We added an additional 1500 I/O points to the control system and integrated PID controllers throughout the plant. Running custom calculations, the controllers manage water flow, level, and chemical dosing. Equipment modules running SFCs control basin and supply pumps, automatically starting and stopping pumps based on level and flow readings, with pump usage balanced based on accumulated run time.

We re-wrote all existing code based on object-oriented template design. Each graphical object has a corresponding PLC object, designed using data structures. Control module instances are easily deployable through an advanced operator user interface. Diagnostic information is sent as an object (tag), empowering the operator to easily troubleshoot the system and diagnose problems when they occur. Historical data is automatically archived per object, making control system maintenance easy and intuitive.

The site operators enthusiastically adopted the new control system design, with one saying that we “hit it out of the park!”

Services Provided:

  • Complete re-configuration of PLC code and Wonderware System Platform based on S88 guidelines
  • Configuration of additional 1500 I/O Points
  • Operator display development and object-based faceplates and details
  • SFAT
  • Onsite Startup support
  • Electrical & Instrumentation Field Support
  • Control System: ControlLogix and Wonderware System Platform

City of St. Lucie, Florida: Designing a Better Water and Wastewater Control System

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St. Lucie West Services District (SLWSD) is a water/wastewater and irrigation water services provider located within the incorporated limits of the City of Port St. Lucie, Florida. SLWSD was created in 1989 to support a planned development community under development by Core Communities of Montreal, Canada. SLWSD provides service to a total of 20,000 residents in the City of Port St. Lucie, Florida. The district uses their SCADA system to manage, maintain and monitor five different processes: a reverse‐osmosis plant, a waste water treatment plant, a lift‐station collection system, a storm water control system and a reuse distribution system. Over the years, St. Lucie West has expanded and upgraded many of its processes.

As the utility grew, so did the needs and requirements of the SCADA system.

Project Highlights

The district was interested in finding another SCADA solution, hoping to remove some of the limitation of their existing system and to provide flexibility for the future. We worked closely with SLWSD management to evaluate their needs, their existing SCADA system and other potential replacement SCADA systems. After a thorough review process SLWSD chose Inductive Automation’s Ignition system. Complete Systems Automation and Integration Services worked diligently to recreate the entire system in Ignition. The new system was brought online one plant at a time.


The staff at St. Lucie West is very happy with the system and all indications are that the system runs flawlessly.

Services Provided:

  • Redesign and reconfiguration of ControlLogix PLC program and HMI SCADA system
  • Operator display development and object-based faceplates and details
  • SFAT
  • Onsite startup support
  • Electrical and instrumentation field support
  • Operator training