Eli Lilly: Invited Back to Streamline an Insulin Process, CSA Delivers Again

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Initial Configuration: Making a Good First Impression

Back in 2002, the rising number of people living with diabetes was increasing the global demand for injectable insulin. To meet this growing need, Eli Lilly built a brand new facility in Puerto Rico to manufacture insulin in bulk quantity. CSA came in as a key member of the design and automation team that configured the new facility’s Emerson DeltaV control system.

We were in charge of multiple large process cells in the purification and utilities process areas, and we were instrumental in designing the S88 batch control strategy. Overall, we handled 33% of the software configuration and validation. And we stood by Eli Lilly for over two years on-site, supporting their qualification process.

The facility was launched successfully and started reliably producing the bulk quantities of injectable insulin that people with diabetes needed. The quality of our work and our investment in the project’s success were noticed and not forgotten.

Streamlining the Process: Quality Remembered and Delivered Again

Twelve years later, Eli Lilly wanted to reduce process steps at the facility in order to streamline their purification process. They remembered us and asked us back.

There are few challenges we find as satisfying as optimizing a process, so we were very pleased to take on the job.

After a thorough audit, we re-coded and validated the DeltaV software for all process cells. We were responsible for 90% of the re-coding effort, including the clean-in-place (CIP) process. We achieved a dramatic reduction in process steps, and we even delivered the automation services under budget.

We’re pretty sure we made a second impression at least as good as our first.

Services Provided (Initial Configuration):

  • Continuous and batch configuration of DeltaV system
  • Instrumental in the overall S88 batch design strategy for the entire system.
  • Operator display development
  • Simulation for testing and for checkout
  • Detailed design specifications and validation test protocols for FAT/SAT
  • Conventional I/O, Foundation Fieldbus, DeviceNet
  • Loop tuning
  • On-site IQ/OQ testing
  • Control System: Emerson DeltaV

Services Provided (Streamlining Project):

  • Supplied DeltaV automation team of engineers for the recoding of the purification/CIP process. The system was a large-scale DeltaV Batch system consisting of several hundred batch units.
  • Used MIMIC to simulate the entire DeltaV system.
  • Sponsored SFAT’s using WebEx meetings with customers in Puerto Rico to reduce project cost.
  • Organized and provided full support of the onsite fix team. The fix team was responsible for coding corrections on the DeltaV qualification system.
  • Supported onsite Form 0’s (water batching) and OQ’s for all process cells. We provided onsite support for more than one year.