Millennium Specialty Chemicals: Migrating Distillation from APACS to DeltaV DCS


Millennium Specialty Chemicals brought in CSA to upgrade the control system for their citronellol distillation column from APACS to DeltaV DCS.

We managed the entire migration, from design through configuration, testing, startup, and validation.

We developed the electrical and instrumentation design for the entire project. This included planning demolition of the existing APACS cabinet, designing and requisitioning the new DeltaV panel cabinet and the operator display, designing all conduit runs and the UPS power system, and providing terminal detail drawings for the electrical and instrumentation contractor.

For the new control system, we configured DeltaV Batch for a single-path train, recipe-driven, automated distillation process. We also configured DeltaV control and equipment modules, and configured conventional, Foundation Fieldbus, and ASi I/O points.

Prior to launch, we supported HFAT/SFAT, then managed startup and validation.

Our involvement at every step in the process meant we were able to plan for a smooth and trouble-free migration. The startup went well, and the new control and automation system has improved efficiency, throughput, and reliability at the facility.

Services Provided:

  • Configuration of DeltaV control and equipment modules
  • Configuration of DeltaV Batch for a single-path train
  • Configuration of conventional, Foundation Fieldbus, and ASi I/O types
  • Operator display development
  • HFAT/SFAT support services
  • On-site startup services
  • Provided layout drawings and bill of materials (BOM) for DeltaV panel cabinet
  • Requisitioned DeltaV panel build
  • Field-surveyed APACS cabinet prior to E&I design
  • Designed APACS demolition drawings
  • Provided terminal detail drawings for E&I installation contractor
  • Designed conduit runs from APACS cabinet to DeltaV cabinet, and associated conduit schedules, loop sheets, and system grounding drawings
  • Designed layout drawings and BOM for APACS cabinet conversion to DeltaV remote terminal cabinet. APACS I/O was demolished, and the existing loops were rewired into the DeltaV DCS
  • Designed and requisitioned UPS power system
  • HFAT/SFAT support services
  • Startup and Validation services
  • Control System: Emerson DeltaV