Pilot Chemical Company: Control System Migration

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Pilot Chemical Company’s main sulfonation plant used two major control systems to run their process. One half of the process was controlled by Emerson’s DeltaV DCS, and the other was controlled by a network of Rockwell’s PLC -5s and Intellution’s® SCADA HMI software.

CSA was tasked with providing a turn-key solution that would replace the PLC-5s and SCADA system while consolidating both process areas into one distributed control system.

We elected to virtualize all operator and engineering workstations with high available servers and a client network. To reduce the switch-over time of a 2400 I/O point process, CSA utilized pre-made plug-in vendor cable with DeltaV high-density IO and DeltaV CHARM remote IO as necessary. The switch-over was further complicated by the requirement to maintain operation of the existing DeltaV DCS and allow trucking operations to continue in the migration area.

Pilot Chemicals estimated and prepared for a 10–12 day shutdown. We completed the switch-over in 7 days.

Plant Manager Mike Bizzarro said of his experience with CSA:

We chose them in part because their proposal was so comprehensive and detailed. They had clearly put a lot of time and thought into planning a trouble-free migration.

They had all the capabilities they promised, and the people they brought in showed real buy-in to the overall success of the project. The migration went smoothly, and for the few minor issues we had afterward, they were really good about getting them corrected. We got good value.

Pilot, Before CSA

Pilot, After CSA

New DeltaV Panel

New SS Panel

Services Provided:

  • Project management and construction management
  • Development of plant configuration standards
  • Development of all functional specifications
  • Specification and procurement of all hardware and system software
  • Configuration of control modules and sequences for a 2400-point process
  • Development of 90 process displays
  • FAT and SFAT testing
  • Engineering and operator training
  • E&I installation
  • Switch-over management
  • Loop checks and commissioning
  • Start-up assistance